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About PAPA

In the year 1999, members of 14 Non Governmental (National and International) Organizations like Lions, Rotarians, Y's Men, JC's, Waltair Round Table 92, Mahila Action Help Society and others along with members of the Police Department of Visakha Police, started a home for street children under the aegis of its Founder Chairman, the then Commissioner of Police of Visakhapatnam, Sri Kode Durga Prasad, IPS, under the able leadership of the Founder President, Lion Vasudeva Rao Kola. 

They realized the pressing need for remedial measures to curb crimes by street children. Many a time, innocent children are found going into the clutches of the Mafia gangs and the urgent need to rehabilitate them was felt. Thus was born 'PAPA' (Public And Police Association for Street children) started with the intention of bringing them into mainstream. It is registered under Societies Act with Regd No. 971/99.

In order to prevent these children from indulging in social crimes, PAPA was started in 1999 in the premises provided by the Municipal Corporation of Visakhapatnam with nine children. At present, the strength has gone upto 100 children. The home was later shifted to its present premises on 21-10-2000, at Police Barracks, Visakhapatnam provided by Visakha Police.  


Street children are, children neglected by their own parents and also by society. They seek to survive alone on the streets, railway platforms and public places. Their shelters are unsafe, without care, medical aid or education.

They are the so-called street children, needing as much care, nourishment, love and education as any normal child does.

They are seen as dirty urchins, loitering on railway platforms and in railway compartments, as rag pickers, most of them scantily clad, with a lost and hungry look. They can be distinguished by their unkempt hair, dirty and grimy bodies, obviously in dire need of a bath.

These children, having no one to guide them, often tend to indulge in anti-social activities such as gambling, smoking and petty thefts and at times are forcibly dragged into homosexual relationships, learning the jungle code of 'survival of the fittest' quite early in life. They survive on left-over food stuff from railway carriages or dust bins.

It is however, very surprising to note that they enjoy this freedom unaware of the negative effects of such a life.


The institution of "Public and Police Association for street children" (PAPA Home) is selected for the National Award for child welfare for its services rendered in the field of Welfare of Children for the year 2009. The Award was presented by Honb'le President of India Smt. Pratiba Devi Signh Patil on 14-11-2010 at Rashtrapathi Bhawan, New Delhi. The award carried cash prize of Rs. 3 lakhs (Rupees three lakhs) and a citation.

The VUDA has allotted 400 Square yards of site at Seethammadhara North Extension of Visakhapatnam for 30 years lease and a building is constructed by donor controctor Sri B. Raja Gopal Raju for starting Girls Home with a cost of Rs. 45 Lacks. Foundation stone was laid on 2-11-11 and building was inaugurated on 2-5-13 by Sri V. Dinesh Reddy, IPS the then DGP. PAPA Girls Home is begin run there.

Sri Pentakota Satyanarayana, President PAPA Home got National Award for Child Welfare (Individual Category) for the year 2014 and the award was presented by Hon'ble President of India Sri Pranab Mukherjee on 14-11-2015 at Rashtrapathi Bhavan, New Delhi. The award carried cash prize of Rs. 1 Lakh (Rupees one Lakh only) and a citation.

Name: D.Raju
DOB & Age: 03-03-1989, 27 Years
Place of Birth: Srinagar, Kancharapalem, Vsp
Father:D. Appala Raju
Mother: Kanakamma
Years of stay at PAPA Home: 1999 to 2004 Rag Picker. Trained in painting. Settled as painter and leading honourable life. Earning Rs. 15,000/-
Name: N. V. Ramana
DOB & Age: 07-05-1989, 27 Years
Place of Birth: Berhampur
Mother: Bharathi
Years of stay at PAPA Home: 2001 to 2010 Originally Rag Picker. Weak in education. Given Vocational Training. Settled as painter at Berhampur. Married and settled.
Name: CH. Durga Prasad
DOB & Age: 05-11-1989, 27 Years
Place of Birth: Barma Colony, VSP
Father:Late Maraiah
Mother: Ramadevi
Years of stay at PAPA Home: 23-02-2001 to 2009 Studied 10th class and passed in 1st class in the year 2009 and under went fitter training in ITI at Gajuwaka. Working in Railways in Catering Section.
Name: G. Anand Kumar
DOB & Age: 07-05-1994, 22 Years
Place of Birth: Sriharipuram, VSP
Father:G. Appa Rao
Mother: G. Mangaveni
Years of stay at PAPA Home: 07-05-2003 to 2009 Passed 10th class and passed Medical Lab. Tech. in Krishna College, Visakhapatnam. Now working at Aarif Nursing Home.
Name: Puripanda Pradeep Kumar
DOB & Age: 04-08-1993, 21 Years
Place of Birth: Vizianagaram
Mother: Lakshmi
Years of stay at PAPA Home: 19-06-2003 to 2009, He is working in "MAXENTA" Business Solutions and earning Rs. 2.6 Per Annum.
Name: Vadisela Srikar Mohan
DOB & Age: 29-02-1984, 32 Years
Place of Birth: Malkapuram, VSP
Mother: Lakshmi
Years of stay at PAPA Home: 19-06-2003 to 2009 Passed 10th class and studied inter in Vizag Diffence Academy, Visakhapatnam. Passed B.Tech at VITAM.
Name: Udatha Santhosh Kumar
DOB & Age: 12-04-1994, 22 Years
Place of Birth: Srikakulam
Mother: Venkata Ratnam
Years of stay at PAPA Home: 19-06-2005 to 2010, Passed 10th class and Inter in Vizag Diffence Academy, Visakhapatnam. Now during C.A and working as teacher at Sri Medha Institute and running ASPIRE Institution.
Name: Doma Jagadheesh
DOB & Age: 27-11-1994, 22 Years
Place of Birth: Araku, VSP
Father:Pentanna Dora
Mother: Ratnalamma
Years of stay at PAPA Home: 07-07-2006 to 2012 Passed 10th class as private candidate and joined in Govt. ITI, Visakhapatnam and completed electrician course. Working as Electrician and earning Rs. 12,000/-
Name: B. Srirama Murthy
DOB & Age: 02-06-1996, 20 Years
Place of Birth: Gampavanipalem, Kotapadu (M)
Mother: Gangamma
Years of stay at PAPA Home: 2006 to 2012 passed 10th class and studying intermediate, Medical Lab. Tech. course. Working in Aarif Nursing Home as Lab Technician and joining Degree also.
Name: Gandepalli Appalaraju
DOB & Age: 09-07-1991, 25 Years
Place of Birth: Chilakapeta, VSP
Father:G. Nagaraju (Late)
Mother: Ramulamma
Years of stay at PAPA Home: Since 09-07-2003 Underwent training at VARUN Motors and doing job there only and earning Rs. 8,000/-
Name: B. Nookaraju
DOB & Age: 29-07-1991, 25 Years
Place of Birth: Rajahmundry
Father:B. Venkata Ramana
Mother: Sujatha
Years of stay at PAPA Home: 1999 to 2012 He was given education in Sri Prakash Residential School from 8th to Inter and completed Degree and working in Apollo Shipping Company, Vizag and earning Rs. 8000/- p.m
Name: K. Sathi Babu
DOB & Age: 19-06-1990, 26 Years
Place of Birth: Rambilli, VSP
Father:Lova Raju
Mother: Chinnatalli
Years of stay at PAPA Home: 11-06-2001 to 2009 He was passed 10th class at PAPA Home and completed Inter (MPC) in Vizag Defence Academy, and working in VGuard Company, Hyderabad and earning Rs. 16,000/- p.m.
Name: U. Kanaka Raju
DOB & Age: 02-07-1995, 21 Years
Place of Birth: Visakhapatnam
Father:P. Dasu
Mother: Appala Konda
Years of stay at PAPA Home: 05-09-2000 to 2015 He passed 10th Class at PAPA Home and completed ITI Automobile Course at ITI Vizag and presently working in Mango Hyundai Showroom, Vizag and earning Rs. 8,000/- p.m
Name: A. Madhu
DOB & Age: 27-08-1998, 17 Years
Place of Birth: Amudalavalasa, VSP
Father:Atla Janali Rao
Mother: Sanyasamma
Years of stay at PAPA Home: 27-09-2008 to 2013 He is an orphan found roaming in Beach. Brought to PAPA Home and given education from 5th to 10th class at PAPA Home and studied ITI Welder course at Loyala ITI, Pendurthy and working there now getting Rs. 7,000/- p.m
Name: R. Annam Naidu
DOB & Age: 03-03-1998, 19 Years
Place of Birth: Parvathipuram
Mother: Mangamma
Years of stay at PAPA Home: 09-05-2008 to 2014 He passed 10th Class and completed ITI in instrumental Mechanical Course. Now he is working at Narsipatnam in a Private Company.
Name: Kota Karthik
DOB & Age: 30-06-1996, 20 Years
Place of Birth: Antipeta, Bobbili
Father:Late Simhachalam
Mother: Parvathi
Years of stay at PAPA Home: 2007 to 2014 He studied from 7th to 10th class at PAPA Home and completed welder course at ITI and now working in visakha central and earnings Rs. 10,000/- p.m.