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Aims & Objectives

  • To assist street-children in the age group 6-14 years,  providing them with basic necessities like food, shelter, education and good healthcare aimed at sustaining their long-term development.

  • To transform them from an individual with no sense of discipline or responsibility into caring and responsible citizens of our society.

  • To help them grow up in an atmosphere of happiness, love and to develop their personalities into full and harmonious norms of society.

  • We strongly believe that they are temporarily or permanently deprived of their family environment and receive compensatory love and care.

  • We also believe that they possess a wide range of talents, abilities, skills and aspirations. Our goal is to groom them until they broom.

  • We first detect their IQ thorough PAPA Bridge School and prepare them for admissions into regular schools.

  • To reunite them with their families under 'Back Home Policy' subject to the condition that both the parties are willing and there is a congenial atmosphere at home. 

  • Children not interested in schooling are given vocational training. When found fit they are shown placements to help them sustain themselves. Thus, capable of making a living on their own, they are retuned to society under our 'Rehabilitation Programme'.

  • To explore their latent talents and nourish them until they flourish.

  • Left to themselves, they are likely to grow into potential unsocial elements. Our aim is to train their consciences and prevent them from harming the social norms. Thus our PAPA home becomes a conscience-training centre.