Public And Police Association For Street Children

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Efforts Made By PAPA

  • 1. We are running a Bridge School to impart initial education and then to admit them in regular schools, both English and Telugu media as per their ability.
  • 2. Aged children are being imparted vocational training like refrigeration, motor winding, electrification, car mechanism etc for their rehabilitation.
  • 3. We encourage 'Back Home Policy' for reunion of the children with their parents after counselling with parents.
  • 4.We maintain a congenial relationship and interact with parents or guardians of the street urchins as frequently as possible. We discuss with them matters relating to three categories of children we care for:
      a) Those who are with us either in the school or in the vocational training.
      b) Welfare of the children who have been reunited with their family under our 'Back Home Policy.
      c) Keeping watch on vocationally trained children.
  • 5. We keep in touch with the firms where our children are receiving vocational training and placements. Street urchins become hardcore due to independent survival. It is necessary to give them psychological counselling, until we are convinced that they have become respectable citizens.
  • 6. We have formed various committees from among the philanthropic members to supervise and administrate the activities of the home. Some of the committees are:
      a) Advisory committee composed of senior citizens, deeply involved in policy matters.
      b) Education committee to keep watch over the schooling of children in English and Telugu medium schools. We have paid tutors for computer education which is also as part of studies.
      c) A fund-raising committee is constantly on the look out for resources in cash or kind.
      d) A Finance committee to plan and manage the budget and expenses.
      e) A Food and Health Committee for medical aid, nutrition and hygienic food. We also organize free medical check up camps for the children of our own and other children uncared for.
      f) A House Keeping and Gardening Committee for upkeep of hostel and garden.
      g) A Screening Committee to screen the children before admission.
  • 7. Street urchins lose the childhood joys of normal children. So we conduct sport and games competitions and also music, drama, dance to help them organise themselves and enjoy a systematic mental and physical growth.
  • 8. To bring them back into mainstream and create in them a feeling that they are loved and care for. We celebrate their birthdays by inviting high government officials as chief guests. We also make formal functions of the unlettered children being initiated into learning the first alphabet.
  • 9. We have introduced Audio-visual media to the children for news, general knowledge and entertainment.
  • 10. We impart training in Yoga, Meditation in spiritual matters to inculcate in them the habit of physical exercise and fear of God.
  • 11. Among children in our home, there are orphans, children with single parent, neglected children, runaways. Technically, they are called 'Children on the streets, off the streets and in the streets'.